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The Two-Language-Problem

Take two: energy efficiency & coding flexibility. Thanks to the modern Julia language.

Previous data science systems use simple but slow programming languages such as Python or R, which call cumbersome but fast languages such as C, Fortran or Rust in the background.

Two language problem this is called. The consequences: worse performance and less flexibility than if everything were written in one language.

It’s just that there hasn’t been a better solution so far. How nice it would be if you had a language that was both simple and performant.

Julia was developed at MIT specifically to solve the two-language problem - with great success. Companies that already use Julia are e.g. Microsoft, NASA, Intel and IBM.

Benefits of the Julia programming language

40x less energy consumption than Python

Python/R code can be easily rewritten in Julia and immediately runs massively faster. This saves electricity and costs.

Accelerations by a factor of 10 to 100 are typical.

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Developer friendly

Julia is easy. New people can easily find their way in and prototypes can be created quickly.

In Julia everything is Julia. This simplifies development, finding errors and optimizing. Ideal for successful commissioning.

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Well maintainable

Julia enables an unprecedented level of code reuse thanks to multiple dispatch.

It will make your solution simpler and easier to maintain.

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Built for data science

Applied mathematics is the main focus of Julia’s ecosystem and community.

You want state-of-the-art machine learning, optimization, simulation or other advanced data processing? It is all there.

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What offers you

Building a Julia proof-of-concept

Not sure yet if you should use Julia?

The best way to find out is to start small, with a PoC of your choice.

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Migrating parts to Julia helps you with all stages: requirements engineering, planning, Julia development, and training of your team.

Migrate from Python, R, Matlab, SAS, Fortran, C++, Java.

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Big data, real time & HPC

Is your data too large to be processed in time by a single machine? Or do you have streaming processes with realtime requirements? can provide you with solutions that scale in speed and size.

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Individual training & consultancy offers trainings and assistance at all levels, whether at beginners stage, intermediate or advanced, for prototyping, analysis, reporting, or production use.

Every special request is welcome.

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You like to see Julia in action?

In just 3 days we can build you a first Julia prototype - free of charge.

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